The most awaited feature has arrived in whatsapp, the video calling feature. We know that whatsapp is the most cost effective or free (in some countries) messaging platform that has accepted worldwide and this update will really please the users of Whatsapp. I have made this post to let you guys know how to activate whatsapp video calling  feature. Currently this feature is available only on the latest updated version of whatsapp. WhatsApp users will need to update to version 2.12.5 (or above) or last beta versions. If the person on the other end did not activate video calls, yet they’ll just get a voice call. You’ll still be able to see the video call the user interface, however. The call log shows that as a video call, but pressing the video button takes just over an error message. The Whatsapp video calling feature will automatically get activated after updating the app. Both caller and receiver have to update to the latest version to use the video calling feature.


How to Activate Whatsapp Video Calling?

The new video calling feature can be accessed via the calls tab. For making a video call, users will have to tap on the dialer icon present alongside the search icon. On pressing the dialer icon, users will get an option to either make a WhatsApp voice call or video call. It’s worth noting that feature will work only when the caller and the recipient are part of the Android beta testing program. In case, the recipient is still using an old version of the app (or is not part of the beta testing program) will get a prompt saying “Couldn’t place call” followed by text, “Couldn’t place call. Recipient [name of contact being called] needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls.”

Steps to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling (WhatsApp video call activation):

First,Open WhatsApp official website and register as a beta tester for WhatsApp.
To get the whatsapp video calling facility, you need to download latest version of WhatsApp apk.

How to:

  • Download latest Whatsapp Messenger from Playstore or whatsapp official website
  • After download, install it on your android phone or PC/Laptop.
  • Ask a friend to video call back to you( But make sure your friend must have already had this video calling feature on WhatsApp messenger to activate video calling feature in your device.

 WhatsApp video calling feature procedure

  • The first thing is to get the latest version of WhatsApp. If you have already installed WhatsApp, please upgrade to the latest version.
  • This feature requires an invitation to ask any of your friend who has had this function on his WhatsApp to call you.
  • Reboot your android phone and you must have WhatsApp video calling enabled as well.
  • Enjoy…

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