Reliance Jio has made a great impact in the telecom area. Undoubtedly it has shaken the entire telecommunications department and other networks has failed to compete with the Reliance Jio Offers. BSNL, the most trusted network by many of its users, has already introduced some offers/plans to overcome the impact made by Jio in the telecom world. They announced that they will give out free voice calls to their users in January 2017.


While Jio’s offering is only for the 4G customers, BSNL will be offering the plan for all networks in 2G, 3G and 4G.

“We are closely observing the market as well as Jio’s performance. We will also come up with lifetime free-voice plans from the new year as part of fresh offerings,” BSNL chairman and managing director Anupam Shrivastava told TOI . “We plan to be even lower than the Jio plan, and this could be by Rs 2-4.”

BSNL, that has a strong market penetration and significant share in many key markets such as Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Punjab and UP , will announce the zero-voice-tariff plans from January and these would be lower than the Rs 149 entry price of Jio.

What exactly the offer is? Jio is already offering the plans are a very cheap rate, but their tariff plans haven’t gone live yet due to the attractive welcome offer. Let’s check out the five things on what BSNL offers when the offer goes live.


The highlights of bsnl offers are given below;

Free Voice Calls

This is a big call for BSNL. Reliance Jio and BSNL are quite different from each other as the latter is completely 4G ready, but BSNL still needs to adapt their 4G services in several cities in India. Jio uses VoLTE for free voice calls, but as of now, there is no information on how BSNL offers the service to their customers.


No Mess Up with VoLTE

As quoted earlier, Reliance Jio offers voice calls with VoLTE, but that thing isn’t going to happen with BSNL. Instead, the company will offer the regular voice calls, which is insane.


Free Calls for 2G and 3G Users as Well

This is the best thing. If BSNL ever offers the free voice calls with data plans, they will surely offer it to 2G and 3G users as well, because the company can’t upgrade their infrastructure to support VoLTE right away


Starts from Rs. 2-4

BSNL wants to be more competitive than others to Reliance Jio as they are trying to keep the pricing of this zero-voice tariff plans starting from Rs. 2-4. Sounds interesting, right? BSNL is expecting to launch the service from early January, which means that after Reliance Jio’s welcome offer expiry.

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