You know that Youtube is the best video streaming website that we visit frequently. If you have a broadband connection in your home you might visit youtube on a daily basis just like me. We definitely have many favorite videos in youtube but unfortunately we couldn’t download those videos. Even though youtube has got this much popularity it doesn’t allow us to directly download videos so that we could watch it offline.

There are many methods to download youtube videos to your PC but here i’m gonna show you How to Download Youtube Videos Using VLC Media Player. This is the simpler trick to download youtube videos.

Everyone amongst us uses the popular video player for every operating system – VLC Media player. There are some hidden tricks under the VLC player and one of them is downloading the YouTube videos. So, here’s the complete procedure to download YouTube videos using VLC Media player.


How to Download Youtube Videos Using VLC Media Player?


Step 1: Download and Install VLC Media Player

Firstly, if you don’t have VLC Media player installed in your PC, you need to download and install it from the official site or from other third-party sources such as the If you’ve already installed the software, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Open YouTube and Browse the Video
Now, you need to open and watch the video you want to download. Now, just copy the URL of the video and head over to next step.


Step 3: Click ‘Media’ Tab in VLC Player
Open VLC player and click on the ‘Media’ tab present at the top left corner and select the ‘open network stream’ option. Paste the copied link in the appeared screen and let the video stream. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet.


Step 4: Select ‘Tools’ Tab!
Once after the video starts playing, select the ‘Tools’ tab from the same header menu and select the ‘Codec Information’. Alternatively, you can even enter ‘ctrl+j’ to directly enter the codec information screen. Now, a pop up will appear with some information. At the bottom of the appeared box, you can see a tab named ‘Location’ with a URL in it. Just copy that.


Step 5: Paste the Code in Your Browser
Finally, paste the copied code in your browser and your video will be automatically downloaded.
This is the best method to download youtube videos to your computer by using your favorite VLC media player. It doesn’t require any additional software to work. I think you have liked this post.


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