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How to Download Photos from Instagram

How to download Instagram photos using Instaport

Automatically saving photos upon uploading them to Instagram only gets you so far. Thankfully, the simple-minded Instaport provides a simple solution for downloading and saving multiple photos to your hard drive simultaneously. Once you log in to your Instagram account and authorize the apps, it’s only a matter of specifying your download selection and choosing a storage location for the resulting zip file.

Step 1: Navigate to and click the yellow Sign in with Instagram button in the top left corner of the window.


Step 2: Next, enter your respective login credentials — your username and password— and click the green Log in button in the bottom right. Afterward, simply click the green Authorize button in the bottom-right corner to give the site permission to access your basic information such as your photos, friends lists, and profile information.

Instaport requesting basic information access

Step 3: Once logged in, choose your desired export options from the list of specifics. You can choose to either download your entire collection of Instagram photos, a certain number of photos within a given time frame, those you’ve previously liked, or those tagged with a specific hashtag of your own choosing (#love, #tbt, etc.). However, keep in mind the latter option limits your selection to 500 photos. Click the yellow Start Export button when you’re satisfied with your selection.

Exporting Instagram Photos

Step 4: Click the green Download only button once the website finishes downloading your request photos. Afterward, assign a title and select a save location for the resulting zip file before opening the picture in the image viewer of your own choosing!

Download button


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