Here i am going to cover the topic best keyboard for android.I will be posting the features of some of the selected keyboard application for android and you can choose the best android keyboard from that.

You know that the default keyboard application that is installed in our android OS has certain limitations.It might not be that user-friendly and may not include awesome features like swiping and audio to text feature and obviously there will be absence of themes. I must say that if you are using android lollipop keyboard,these limitations are not applicable however there is no feature of choosing your favourite themes.The Google Android Lollipop keyboard is the best among android keyboards i have ever seen.

Apart from those default keyboards that are installed in your android keyboard if you want to checkout these awesome keyboards below,let’s have a look at it.

Best Keyboards for android



You can’t talk about keyboards without someone chiming in about SwiftKey, one of the most popular keyboards on Android. For years, SwiftKey soared above Google’s included keyboard, and it did — and still does — come preinstalled on many a phone and tablet. SwiftKey’s prediction methods, called the “fluency engine,” has made it the keyboard that many users and editors alike keep coming back to. SwiftKey has been pre-loaded on millions of devices over the years, including on flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

While SwiftKey used to be a paid app, the keyboard itself went free last year, instead having users pay for themes — such as their Frozen theme pack. SwiftKey led the keyboard pack for a while, but don’t think they’re the only game in town.

Download SwiftKey

2.Google Android Keyboard


While years ago, Google’s built-in android keyboard was considered a bit of a slouch, it’s built to compete today. The Google Keyboard is completely free, supports gesture typing for both individual words and entire sentences, a bounty of languages, a modest choice of themes, and it was the first keyboard to feature the full library of Kit Kat emoji last year. That may not sound like much, but after years of mediocre or downright dreadful emoji from the OEMs and keyboard manufacturers, Kit Kat system emoji was a welcome change and drew in quite a few users before third-party keyboards began to integrate it.

The Google Keyboard employs Google’s own text-to-speech engine for voice dictation, and the many advancements in voice recognition made for Google Now and Android Wear over the last few years have benefitted this keyboard greatly. Google’s keyboard still has a little ways to go on the text prediction, but it does learn from your typed data across Google’s apps and services.

Download Google Keyboard



Fleksy is a keyboard that exudes class with its minimalist styling and its artfully done themes — if you want a Frozen keyboard theme that actually looks good, go get the Fleksy one. Now, make no mistake, Fleksy is not a cheap keyboard, though they do offer a 30-day trial to decide if it’s worth the $1.99. After paying for the keyboard, most premium themes are also paid, including licensed themes like Frozen and The Hunger Games.

Beyond more traditional customization options like a fifth row for numbers and support for more layouts than your standard QWERTY and DVORAK, Fleksy’s keyboard has extensions, allowing it to send things like gifs or work while becoming invisible. Another interesting addition to Fleksy is are the badges and rewards system that encourages users to master the keyboard and its features.

Download Fleksy



TouchPal is heavily focused on emojis/emoji art/smileys/pictures, but it also features over 85 languages, swipe/glide functionality, cloud prediction and contextual prediction. Don’t let its cutesy Play Store description and branding put you off, there is far more to TouchPal than just colors and themes; as a straight up keyboard for messaging quickly and comfortably, it should easily make its way onto any best keyboard list.

Download Touchpal

5.Smart Keyboard


Smart Keyboard doesn’t include any gimmicks such as predictive phrases or swipe-based typing, but it’s a solid and substantial offering nevertheless. There’s a free trial available on the Play Store, and the only difference between this and the full version (£1.96) is an occasional nag screen to annoy you into buying it.

A really nice feature of Smart Keyboard is the ability to adjust the height of the keys. With other keyboards this is done with some pre-defined defaults, but Smart Keyboard uses sliders for an infinitesimal degree of customisation. This means you can have nice big keys if you struggle to see or hit standard ones, or really small ones if you want to increase your screen’s real estate.

Smart Keyboard ships with an iPhone-style keyboard by default, and it works just as well as Apple’s sleek and fluid option. There are other options for specific devices such as HTC or Galaxy smartphones, as well as standard Android offerings.

If you really want to get your hands dirty it supports an open-source keyboard format which means you can create your own, and even use these with other keyboards.

Download Smart keyboard

6.GO Keyboard


Boot up GO keyboard and you’re presented with an interface that’s more akin to a game than something that’s used for inputting letters. It includes the “GO Market”, where users can download new themes and hundreds of smiley-style emoticons, known as “Emoji”. Users can add special characters and sounds to their messages, and even completely revamp their entire phones.

Underneath all these superfluous add-ons lies a solid keyboard, though, and one that’s capable of supporting many languages, including Chinese handwriting. It can also switch between languages at the touch of a button, making it essential for people who switch between English and their native tongue.

It followed our keystrokes accurately, but predictive text is switched off by default – perhaps to make room for the sheer amount of tie-in apps and features GO Keyboard so eagerly promotes above the keyboard.

A nice touch is a dedicated selection screen, which uses lovely big arrow keys to make highlighting and copying text a doddle. All GO Keyboard’s content seems to be completely free – for now.

Download GO Keyboard

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