Facebook always creates excitation among its users. After China and India facebook is one of the most populated area

Previously i have posted about the new facebook photosharing app ‘moments’ which can share photos privately among friends and family users.

Now the company launches  a new app called ‘Facebook Lite’ to fix connectivity issues among its users.The app is developed mainly for 2G users and those who face network problems among the rural areas.

facebook lite new app for 2g users

“We understood that connectivity was one of the main pain points for users in India along with the fact that users here were accessing the app from really low-end devices too,” says Vijay Shankar, Head of Products at Facebook Lite. He says the original Facebook is a complex “beast of an app” that can’t really perform well on devices that have low processing power, RAM and storage.

“That is when we decided to work on a new app from the ground up to get over these challenges and barriers to offer a good experience for these users,” he says, adding that his team started working on the app about nine months ago with ground testing starting this January.

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Despite it is a lighter than the original facebook app it offers almost all the services of the full app.The video playback and location feature have been disabled from the facebook lite so as to make the app convenient for 2G users.It is just an experiment from facebook and the users can choose whether to adopt the new app or not.Anyway in due course,we can see how facebook users react to the latest endeavour

Download Facebook lite app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.lite