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This post is very helpful for those who are playing Pokemon Go Android Game and those who wish to play the Pokemon Go. Well,  i’m gonna introduce you an app called Go Simulator APK which you might be familiar about. Actually this is a hack to the original Pokemon Go and if you want to play honestly i do not suggest using this application. I will explain the working of this app in the below section so that you can get a clear idea on how to use the Go Simulator application to hack Pokemon Go and boost your level.

What is Go Simulator?

Go simulator is an android application that works as the bot for the latest android game Pokemon Go. The Go simulator APK helps you to catch the pokemons literally doing nothing as the whole process is simply automatic. It also helps you to level up your game without actually playing.

It’s really a Pokemon Go hack so you must be careful while using this app. Do not use this application for more than 2 hours or it will result your account into a ban.




GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot for Android! (Pokemon Go Hack)


  • Catching pokemons [ You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value ]
  • Auto walk [ through predefined routes or random walking arround point you set on map ]
  • Transferring pokemons [ You choose whats max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind ]
  • Looting pokestops
  • Auto Loot Pokestop
  • Auto Catch Pokemon
  • Clean Potions & Revives
  • 4 Speed Options
  • Hatch eggs
  • Auto Evolve Pokemon
  • Auto Transfer Pokemon
  • Evolving pokemons [ You choose min CP to evolve ]
  • Hatch Eggs
  • Clean potions and revives ( to make space for pokeballs )
  • 4 speed options [ Slow, Medium, High, Super fast ]

How to use GO Simulator APK ?

  1. Install APK (apk download link given below) . If you do not know how to install apk files, read the below section.

Download Go Simulator here

  1. Make sure to use a new account because the chances are you will be banned eventually. Sign up for a new account at Pokemon Go Trainer Club.   – Link Here
  2. Open settings tab and set up logging info. (If you account new, make sure you catch your first Pokemon and also go through the setup process.)
  3. Enter your Pokemon Trainer Club credentials in settings after Launch the Go Simulator app.
  4. Open bot settings and set them up ! (See bellow to setup)
  5. The bot runs in the bottom cell, can be doing other things funfa good.
  6. If you are Softban, the bot takes the ban automatically.


How to Install APK Files

If you have trouble installing the APK file, please use a file manager app to install. You can grab ES File Explorer if you do not have a file manager app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Make sure you have “Unknown Sources” checked ON in your Settings menu as you will not be able to install APK files without doing that.

Also be aware of other APK sites that do not check for malware as you can easily get malware from downloading from wrong sites. Always download from trustable source where they verify each APK file in details.

Go Bot settings documentation: 

  • Route – If u choose option ‘Use predefined routes’ u must select a route to use otherwise bot will crash.
  • For bot settings, I do recommend using “Use predefined routes” option and also set Routes to “New York South” or “New York” for best results.
  • Use predefined routes – This means bot will walk via predefined route you choose. Currently there are 7 avalible predefined routes but I’m working on feature that will allow you to manually create route.
  • Transfer pokemons – This is used to tell bot to transfer pokemons. Also you need to say bot maximum CP of pokemons to transfer. Bot will always keep strongest of a kind.
  • Speed – this is actually bot speed, how fast bot you want. Take care because too fast might be suspicios
  • Evolve pokemons – This is used to tell a bot to evolve pokemons. U must choose minimum CP of pokemon to evolve. You can enable the option to evolve Pokémon automatically
  • Use raspberries to catch Pokemon – Self descriptive ? U can choose min CP of pokemon to use razz berry on. Default is 500
  • Clean potion and revives – If selected, bot will periodically remove all potions and revives.
  • Hatch eggs – Pretty self descriptive. The bot can also automatically hatching eggs ?
  • The button also automatically removes potions (to make room for Poké Balls).

Working on (GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot):

  • Manually create own route
  • Stability
  • Pokemon catch/transfer/evaluate filter

I will be updating this blog with latest Pokemon Go hack apk’s in the near future. So keep visiting…

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