Today i’m here with an interesting tip on android, that is ‘How to automatically record calls’.You might have searched several apps in the playstore for call recording and failed to find a better one.

Then i would suggest you a better app that has been rated high in the Google play store.It is called Automatic Call Recorder which will record all the calls and can upload it to google drive or other cloud accounts.

Record calls on android

As the name resembles it can record calls for us automatically from the very beginning of the call.You can either select automatic recording for all calls or manually select the contacts.


Steps to Record calls on Android

  • Go to Play store and search for Automatic Call Recorder
  • Download & install the same app that is shown in the image
  • After Installing open the app to change the Settings
  • Change the Inbox size to ‘200’ so that the storage limit can be increased.


You can save the calls if needed from the Recording inbox

Automatic call recorder

I’m using this app for nearly one year and is one of the best call recording application available in the market.

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