I had already posted on the topic Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Cheats,Chat codes,Hacks and Tips. I had explained the tips and tricks to play mini militia even better and all the chat codes that can be used in the game and also explained how to hack the game to buy pro pack for free using Lucky patcher android app.

Many people told me in the comments that they could not implement the trick which i had told in the previous post and they were not able to buy the mini militia pro pack  using the Lucky patcher application. I think, that trick might have expired. But how on earth could i sit freely without helping my blog audience! Yes, as per the request of many users, i had found an awesome trick that is 100% working to buy all the items from the mini militia store without paying a single penny.

As we are editing the code of the game, no one could not ever stop us from hacking this game to buy items from the store for free.

What we are gonna do is, we are going to increase the battle points of our mini militia account. (You know that battle points are used to purchase items from the store) Let’s assume that at the beginning your battle points are 0.


We are editing the code of the game and we will be able to rise the battle points to any value you like, say 10000,20000 or 50000. Finally we go back the game and buy all the items from the store and kill those ***king enemies without any mercy… I am posting this trick at the instant i had found this is working.


  • Rooted android phone
  • ES File Explorer (or any other file explorer that can access system files)
  • 15 minutes from your life time

Have you looked at the above requirements? Yes, you need a rooted android phone to make this trick work because we are going to edit the system files of the game. Don’t worry, i will be adding a video tutorial shortly at the end of this post.

If you haven’t yet rooted your android phone i can’t help you! Any way i suggest Kingo root, Frama root or Towel root application that can do the job for you.

I you don’t know what is rooting and how to do it, please don’t do it because it can even brick your phone if tried without any idea. In my knowledge, rooting is the process of unlocking our phone to get administrative or master privileges so that we can edit the source code, install custom ROM and customize our phone to the maximum extent.

You can also watch video tutorials on Youtube on how to root your phone by typing your device name and model. Just like how i rooted my phone!

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A total of 14 items are available to buy on the mini militia store.

They are;

  • Boost Regen
  • Health Regen
  • Boost Increase
  • Golden Eagle
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Grenade +1
  • Melee +10
  • Handgun Clip Extender
  • Rifle Clip Extender
  • Laser Sight
  • Gas Grenade
  • Faster Reload 1
  • Faster Reload 2
  • Mask Pack 1

How to hack mini militia to get all the store items for free?

As i told earlier you must have a rooted android phone and should have Super user or Super SU installed so that it can grant access to File Explorer. Here i will be explaining this trick based on ES File Explorer interface. If you are an expert use other file explorers or you can download ES File Explorer which i consider the best of all.

  • Make sure that you have a working internet connection
  • Open Mini militia android game first and log in with your Google account by going to Multiplayer -> Death match-> Online. Now exit the game.
  • Open ES File Explorer and make sure that you have enabled Root Explorer option under Tools -> Root Explorer.


  • Now head over to Local ->Device to access system files of your phone.


  • You will see a folder named data. Open it


  • Inside that an other folder named data will be there. Open it
  • Now open exactly the folder named com.appsomniacs.d


  • Next you will see a folder named shared_prefs folder.


    • We are going to replace this folder with the one i’m providing here.
    • Download the zip file from the below link.


[sociallocker]Download shared_prefs zip file[/sociallocker]


  • We have enabled social locker you should either like or +1 or tweet to enable the downlaod link. The zip file is just few kb’s. Downlaod and save it.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file and paste the folder inside the com.appsomniacs.d folder.
  • Now the file explorer will ask whether to replace the folder already existing there. Click OK
  • Yeah you have done.
  • Once again, The full path to the folder is Local -> Device -> data-> data-> com.appsomniacs.d->shared_prefs



  • In the screen shot above you can see my battle points has increased to ‘13935’. This is sufficient to buy all the items from the mini militia store.

Now you know what to do! Buy all the items one by one and start playing. Increase your level by doing more and more kills. Want to amaze your guys by showing the m you have reached the highest level in mini militia. Just go through the below section to know how to increase your level in mini militia instantly.

mini militia 2

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How to get higher ranks in Doodle Army 2: Mini militia

 The ranks are:

  • Private         100exp
  • Private first class     300exp
  • Corporal       400exp
  • Sergeant     600exp
  • Staff sergeant    1000exp
  • Sergeant first class     1500exp
  • Master sergeant      1500exp
  • First sergeant (what i am, skill 39)   1750exp
  • Sergeant major   1750
  • 2nd liuetenant    2000
  • 1st liuetenant    2500
  • Major    3000
  • Liuetenant colonel     3500
  • Brigadier general   4000
  • Major general     40000
  • Liuetenant general   4000
  • General    4000
  • General of the army     5000
  • Commander in chief    10000   (i think)

I don’t know the exact points required and the above given details are estimate values.

You might be knowing that we can get higher ranks in mini militia by playing online multiplayer battles using the Quick play menu. But we need greater experience level to increase our rank and it’s a slow time process. It takes a long time to become a Major, Captain or a Colonel. I will show you how to level up your mini militia character with a simple trick. This trick is actually same like the previous trick which we used to buy the all the items from the mini militia store for free. To make this trick work you need to have implemented the first trick successfully.


Trick to level up your mini militia character

  • Open the folder shared_prefs which we just replaced. The location is Local -> Device -> data-> data-> com.appsomniacs.d->shared_prefs
  • You will see several game files there. Open the second file named Cocos2dxPrefsFile.x with your ES text editor(or any text editor).
  • Scroll to the bottom and you will see some thing like the code segment below.
    <int name =”LBKey.experience.earned” value=”0″/>
  • Edit the value from 0 to a higher value like 10000,20000 or 30000.
  • Please note that the value should be inside the double inverted comma.
  • Touch the back button and save the file.
  • Now open mini militia game and head over to Settings -> Avatar and see that your rank has been increased.


This is all i have got for the query ‘how to hack mini militia pro pack’ . Do it nicely and tell me whether this trick worked for you or not!


mini militia 1


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