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Are you searching for “how to download malayalam movies?” Well , i have the answer for your query. We know that malayalam movies download is not that simple because our government imposes certain strict policies against downloading movie from free distribution sites. One of the main example for such site is tamilrockers. If you can somehow access tamilrockers you could simply download tamil, hindi, kannada, telugu and malayalam movies torrent file which can then be further downloaded using a torrent client like bittorrent, utorrent etc to convert in a watchable format

latest malayalam movies

In this article, i’m gonna cover every element on malayalam movies download from beginning to end. Before you plan to close this page or continue reading i request you to go through the table of contents section of this article to ensure that what am i gonna tell you in this article.

Malayalam Movies History

The first ever malayalam movie is Vikadakumaran which started production at 1928 and released later at 1930. It was a silent movie. From there the malayalam movie industry has grown so much that it presented so many awesome movies and glorius actors to the malayalam cinema.

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The actors being Premnaseer, Sathyan, Jayan and others in the late 1960s to Mammootty and Mohanlal started in 1980s still holding the industry in 2019. They are an inevitable part of the malayalam movie still in the 21st century.

Mohanlal has recently awarded the Padmabhushan award which is only attained previously by great actor Premnaseer while mammootty has already been felicitated with 3 National awards and might be eligible for another one through this latest venture ‘Peranbu’ which has already received many positive 5 star reviews from famous film critics.

Why you should not download copyrighted Malayalam Movies?


More than 2 lakh people in india search for malayalam movies download and tamilrockers malayalam movies every month. These search queries show that how people in india especially kerala are excited to download latest malayalam movies that has just released in theatres. The reason why we insist you to not download a non dvd released malayalam movie is that the malayalam cinema industry is very strict. They impose high penalty for such act and downloading pirated movies is considered a cyber crime in india. You may get imprisonment for 3 years for downloading and distributing copyrighted movies or may get a fine of more than 1 lakh rupees for doing so.

What is Tamilrockers? is a website that distributes pirated movies world wide. It is mainly concentrated in uploading and distributing south indian movies like kannada, telugu, tamil, hindi and malayalam movies. The main reason tamilrockers got this much popularity is that they upload movies to their site within 5 hours the same movie has been released in theatres. Their admins are not trackable, because they are a big chain and each of the admin may be sitting and uploading movies from different countries. It’s very difficult to obtain their true identity.


How do Tamilrockers earn money? as i said earlier, is a distributor of pirated movies. The main source of income for tamilrockers is not the ads displayed in their website. We know that when we try to download tamilrockers malayalam movie several pop up ads come out. They are just a 10-15% of their income but their main source of income is distributing movies to other small sites sometimes called wap sites or mobile only sites. They charge a fees to every movie they upload to their site. The owners of the wap sites contact tamilrockers admin through the contact form given in the website. Tamilrockers admin charge a fixed fees for every movie they distribute.

This movies are then available in wap sites with a tamilrockers watermark on them. Wap sites make money through google adsense ads which is displayed in their wap sites. Whenever someone try to download movies from these websites they are treated with ads which is the income of such wap sites. This makes tamilrockers more hidden because they divide the movies captured to certain small sites that redirect the cops to these small sites other than tamilrockers.

Even though tamilrockers malayalam movies download can make you in big trouble, there is another way of downloading movies without revealing their identity.That method is discussed in the below section.

How to download movies from Tamilrockers?

You might be knowing that tamilrockers is blocked by the indian government and cannot be accessed using our normal internet service providers.But you can actually bypass this block and enter into tamilrockers using this simple trick. Here you go,

  • Go to google play store in your android phone, or ios store in your iphone.
  • Download any vpn app like turbo vpn,express vpn etc from playstore.


  • A VPN is app is something that can change our current location to some other location. That is if we are staying in India, we can change our location to USA or any other country virtually.
  • In this way, we can bypass the block imposed by the government on tamilrockers.
  • After connecting VPN to another region, simply type in on web browser address bar and hit Enter.
  • There you go, tamilrockers is opened.

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How to Watch Malayalam Movies for free?

Other than tamilrockers, you can easily get links to malayalam movies download from telegram channels. But i insist you not to do this until you are not revealing your true identiy.

Here i’m gonna discuss about how to watch malayalam movies for free using certain movie streaming apps. They also us to download malayalam movies and watch it offline.


Hotstar is a big network of movies and tv shows af almost all indian languages. Many mallus are alreading using this app to watch malayalam movie, malayalam channels and other live shows.


Hotstar free version allows yout to watch programmes with advertisement included. They also restrict certain premium shows which can only be watched if you sign up for a premium membership which includes a monthly charge.

Download Hotstar


SunNxt is an app which is recently launched can be used to watch latest movies and shows that are owned by sun network. Almost every movies that are available in SunNxt are free to watch and they charge very low fees for monthly subscription of premium shows like TV series.


The TV Series are updated on sunnxt once it finished telecasting on the Surya TV or Sun channel. That is, users can watch their favorite tv shows in mobile with this being installed in your android smart phone.

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Malayalam Movies 2019

There are many big budget malayam movies releasing this year. The most anticipate malayalam movies to watch being Kumbalangi Nights, Nine(9), Madhuraraja, Lucifer, Mamaankam etc.



Virus is a thriller movie directed by Ashiq Abu which tells us the story of Nipah, the virus which has spread in Kozhikode in a short span of time. The film details the hardships faced by the authorities, doctors and patients and those who martyred to save the lives of thousands. Virus malayalam movie might be the best award winning craft this year as the experts suggest.


Unda the malayalam movie 2019 narrates the events that occur when a group of policemen from Kerala reach the Naxalite prone areas in North India for election duty.The lead character being Mammooty this film may hit many audience according to the reports.

Kumbalangi Nights

Kumbalangi Nights is a movie that tells the story of the people that resides in Kumbalangi a small village in Kochi, Kerala. The movie stars being Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir and Sreenath Bhasi in the main role and Fahad Fazil is rumored to be the villian in the movie.


Nine is a science fiction thriller movie starring Prithviraj & Mamta Mohandas in the lead role. Nine is a unique subject which is never experimented before in the malayalam film industry. The movie is produced by Prithviraj Productions and expected to be released on February 7.

Madhura Raja

Madhura raja is the second part of the industry hit movie Pokkiri raja which was  the combination of Mammooty(Mammookka) and Prithviraj. The second part madhura raja however constitutes only mammooty. It is expected to be a mass movie which also has thrilling suspense elements in it.


Lucifer is the directional venture of Prithviraj and the central actor being Mohanlal who has recently received Padmabhushan for his unique contributions to the malayalam film industry. The fans are going crazy after this movie and is expected to one of the biggest hit of 2019. This film tells the story of Stephen Nedumpally who is a politician. The verdict of the movie will be revealed in less than 3 months.

Above given is the list of new malayalam movies that is gonna release in 2019. This list will be updated soon.

Malayalam Movies Download

There are plenty of other options if you want to download your favourite malayalam movies. I’m listing a few of them below.


Youtube is good source if you are looking to download movies. It is pretty much similar to downloading videos from youtube. Type in your favourite movie name in the search box and hit ok. You can use tubemate android application to download movies and videos from youtube. Download youtube videos directly into your smartphone using tubemate apk.


Latest Non DVD release and DVD release malayalam movies can be downloaded using torrent files. There are different torrent websites available on the internet. Torrent sites are blocked in India so you can better access them by connecting to a VPN. I have already explained how to use a vpn above.

Mazhavil Multiplex

Mazhavil multiplex is a new website launched by the channel Mazhavil Manorama. They provide online streaming and malayalam movies download for free.


You can simply watch the available movies in mazhavil multiplex website by completing a free registration or just by logging in with your google account. They provide not only malayalam but also other language movies like Tamil and Telugu.

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