Animated Pictures or GIF images are the moving pictures that could show us something in a short moment. You might be knowing that we could post gif animated pictures on facebook now and it’s been happened at the end of 2015 that facebook supported the posting of GIF images into our wall.

Sometimes a smiley or a meme isn’t enough to convey your feelings on Facebook. Although we know that we can post animated pictures on facebook, many people don’t know how to do it. It’s as simple as uploading a normal photo to facebook and i will be guiding you on how to post animated pictures on facebook through this post.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a short animated image that plays in a loop, and can be viewed anywhere. In comparison to a video, GIFs are much smaller files that are more suitable for viewing over slow internet or mobile connections. It’s faster to upload, too.

Basically a GIF, in the sense that we’re describing it, is an animated image created by adding various images separated with a time delay. The frames are then displayed in a loop and as such create the animation – like drawing a running stickman on the corner of a book on each page, and flicking through the pages to make the stickman appear to run.


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How to post GIF on facebook using Giphy?

Giphy is a website that has a huge collection of GIF images. You can depend on Giphy to post animated pictures on facebook. Giphy is also an image sharing website. If you have GIF fils with you in your PC or mobile you can share it on facebook by uploading it to Giphy.

Follow the steps below.;



giphy categories

  • You can either search for available GIF images in the search bar or by browsing the category section given on the top of the website.
  • Click on any animated picture you like and you will be getting a page with the selected image and share button below the GIF image.
  • Click on the facebook icon to share the GIF image to facebook.


giphy share to facebook

  • After clicking, your facebook page will be opened.
  • Type in the caption of the image and click on Share to post the animated picture to facebook.

That’s it you are done.

How to post GIF animated pictures on facebook?

Step 1: As you can’t upload your own GIF files to Facebook, you’ll either need to create your own and upload it to another hosting site, or find a GIF you like on Tumblr, Imgur, Giphy or elsewhere. Open the GIF, then right-click on the image.



Step 2: In Google Chrome select the option to ‘Copy Image URL’. If you’re using Firefox, instead look for and select ‘Copy Image Location’. In Opera you want ‘Copy Image Address’. Other browsers will have slightly different options, but in all cases you’re looking for an option that allows you to copy the URL that takes you directly to the GIF.



Step 3: Next, log into your Facebook news feed in a new browser window and paste the link into the ‘What’s on your mind?’ status field at the top of the page. You can use Ctrl, V on your keyboard, or right-click in the box and select Paste.



Step 4: Give it a second and the GIF will automatically appear below the URL. You can delete this URL or leave it there – it’s up to you.




Step 5: To post the GIF simply click Post – it’s that easy!


How to post my own GIF on facebook?

If you are an animation expert and you know how to create gif images with in your computer you can also upload your own gif images to facebook.

For that purpose, you need to first upload your GIF picture to any image sharing website just like Giphy.

Let us choose Giphy. Follow the below steps to post your own GIF on facebook.

  • Go to this url
  • Click the Browse button and choose your gif file with the extension .gif
  • Wait for a few minutes for the image to be uploaded.
  • Now you will get a link to the image you have just uplaoded.
  • Copy the link and paste it on the status update box in facebook.


Now posting your own GIF images on facebook is that much simpler with Giphy.


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