We all know that there are many frustrating ads on certain games and apps on android.This ads are annoying and waste our valuable time when doing a serious work.So here we are discussing how to remove ads from android apps and games.

You need a rooted android device for this method to work.If you haven’t rooted your device yet,you can visit this link (How to Root android mobile phones in one click).

Removing Advertisements from Android

Remove ads from android mobile


So now the steps are pretty simple, we will be using that HOSTS file blocking trick to get this thing working, so now just follow below steps and enjoy.

  1. Open this text file online and copy its contents in a new notepad file or downloadit to your PC.
  2. Now you have the file if you have downloaded the file just make sure to rename the file as “hostsits really important.
  3. So now you have the “hosts” file that you need to place in your Android device in order to remove all those advertisements.
  4. Now just transfer this file to your android device and open your file explorer on your android device. (use a free file explorer like F-explorer)
  5. Now just copy the file on your android device and paste it in to /etc or/system/etc, now if there is already a hosts file present just rename it tohosts.bak (to create backup of older hosts file)
  6. Now just paste your new hosts file over here, make sure you have the administrative right’s to paste the file.
  7. That’s it guys now just reboot your android device and see this trick working.
Now after you reboot your device you will see how all the advertisements in your apps, games and browser are vanished away, now sometime if might feel awkward as every single ad will be gone but still if you want a clean screen then this is the way.