Technocare APK Latest Version Free Download [Updated]

Today i’m posting a download link for latest version of technocare apk and a tutorial on how to bypass frp on samsung galaxy devices. The latest technocare tricks apk is a must have to bypass factory reset protection on samsung android phones. Also read the multiple ways to root android phone.

File Name Technocare Apk
Version New
Size 28 MB
Features Samsung FRP Unlock
Last Updated August 2019
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How to Bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy Devices using Technocare APK?

FRP, as i have already mentioned is the short form for factory reset protection. It is an extra layer of security for new android devices introduced with lollipop update to protect your data theft.


What is Factory Reset Protection?

Factory Reset Protection or FRP is an extra security protection for android phones so that someone cannot wipe out or factory reset your phone when it has got stolen. The FRP enabled smartphones asks to login to the google account that was previously used in the phone after the phone has been factory reset. This way it prevents the unauthorized acces of a person inside your smartphone even if it has been stolen.

This can be a threat if you exchange your smartphone to someone else without disabling FRP. If in case it happens, you may have to tell the new owner your google account password to use the phone further.

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Okay, we need two apk file to complete the whole procedure. One is the Apex Launcher apk and the other one is technocare apk.

Apex Launcher

It is nothing but a launcher application used to arrange your phones menu to a stock version just like in the android one phones. Apex launcher makes it easier to navigate to certrain apps and it’s very useful throughout the process.

Download Apex Launcher

Technocare APK

Technocare apk is the key application that helps to disable the frp protection on samsung devices.

Download Technocare APK

Steps to Bypass FRP on Samsung Devices

Note: The tutorial below should only be used for educational purposes. I personally do not encourage this trick.

  • Make sure that, you have a factory resetted phone with you. While restarting, you can see the welcome screen which shows the option to Choose language. In this case, English.
  • We need to enable Talkback feature. To do this, while on the Welcome screen, press the home key for 3 times continously.
  • Now the talkback menu will be opened. Go to Talkback settings and tap on search on the top. Type and choose exactly this option, Getting started with Talkback.

  • Play the Youtube video that is given in the Getting started page. Now click on three dots menu in the youtube video and tap on Share icon and press Google plus icon.
  • You will be redirected to Youtube. Go to Youtube Settings and on the bottom you will see an option called ‘Terms and Privacy policy’
  • Tap on that and you will be taken to the default samsung browser. Click on Bookmarks->History.
  • Now Download History page will be opened along with file manager. Click on ‘My files’ and select the SD card

Main Part

  • Open the SD card directory and tap on apex launcher apk which we had already inserted into SD card.
  • Install Apex Launcher now. Before installing a pop up may appear. Go to settings from there and select this option. Allow installation of non-market apps.

  • The Apex launcher will be installed. Now you will see that the menu has changed and transformed into apex launcher interface.
  • Go to Phone Settings->Lock screen & Security->Other security settings->Device Administrators.
  • Deselect ‘Find My Device’ from Device Administrators. Make sure that it is disabled.

  • Now go to Phone Settings->App. Tap on the 3 dots menu and select ‘Show system apps’. Scroll down the list and select Google Account Manager and disable it. Again select Google Play Services and disable.

  • Then select google play services and disable it also. Now open the technocare apk you have already downloaded from the SD card.

  • Install the technocare apk (technocare tricks apk) by just tapping it and clicking Next.
  • After the technocare apk has installed successfully go to Phone Settings->Accounts and add any gmail account.
  • Go to Device Administrator and enable Android Device Manager.
  • Now go back to Phone Settings->Apps->Enable both Google Play Services and Google Account Manager.
  • Restart your samsung android phone. Now you have successfully bypassed¬† the FRP on your samsung android device.

Note: Technocare tricks apk is the original name. Don’t get confused.

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